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PsorCare is Malaysia's #1 Treatment for Psoriasis
Steroid-Free, Herbal-Based, Suitable for all Ages


Please follow these directions carefully for full effectiveness of PsorCare

PsorCare Cream is indicated in the management of all types of psoriasis and eczema.


There are no known contra-indications.

Administration of PsorCare Cream

It is advisable to first apply PsorCare to a small test area of healthy skin on the lower arm for 24 hours to test for allergic reactions. If any severe reaction occurs, discontinue its use.

Apply PsorCare to the affected area five to seven times a day, or more if neccessary, making sure that the affected area is consistently covered with the ointment. In cases where the skin is scalely, remove the scales before applying PsorCare.

When possible, try to keep the area you are treating uncovered from clothing material.

Only a thin layer of PsorCare needs to be applied at each application, especially for those with fair skin because the skin is very thin.

Diet and other recommendations

Avoid foods that contain high amounts of cholesterol such as eggs, meat, poultry, and seafood. We also recommend that you eliminate alcohol from your diet. See PsorCare Facts for more info on how to introduce these foods back into your normal diet.

If these instructions are followed, significant results can be seen from as early as five days.

Additional notes

If you notice any reddening of the skin after the initial application, this is due to the removal of the thickened keratinized cell layer, exposing the underlying new skin. Do not be alarmed; continue to apply PsorCare thinly to this area until the normal skin cells grow back.

If you are afflicted over a large area or your entire body, we recommend that you apply PsorCare to a smaller test area first to evaluate the effectiveness in your treatment. Through experience we have found that some patients with whole body afflictions may require 2 or more 50 gm jars of PsorCare per week.

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