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Your Credit Points Questions Answered

Make sure you use your credit points to get discounts on your purchases. Everytime you make a purchase over RM500, you accumulate 10% credit points worth your purchase**. For example, if your total check-out is MYR700, you will get 70 credit points back into your account to use next time. (Each point is worth MYR 1)

How do I check my credit points?

Login to your account and click on PROFILE. Your credit points are displayed above your name. Upon registering, you should receive 5 FREE credit points.

How do I redeem my credit points?

When you are ready to check-out, enter the number of credit points you want to use. Don't worry if you use them all, you will get 10% more from your new purchase.

How do I get more credit points?

Everytime you make a purchase above RM500, you will get 10% worth of credit points from your total purchase (excluding postage and handling fees). In the purchase made in the above example, I will receive 3 credit points that I can redeem next time (since I am in Malaysia).


If you have any questions, please email Shima at khazaimatol@yahoo.com or call 012-3055144.

 **Amount of credit points received back is based on the current promotion. At the moment, all purchases above MYR 500 will receive 10% worth of credit points. All purchases above MYR 2000 will receive 20% credit points. This may change in the future.  


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